We answer your calls,
so you can answer your calling.
How will calls from my business reach Advantage Answering+?

It’s all about call forwarding! Simply forward your existing phone number to your Advantage Answering number, and we’ll handle the rest.

Do the receptionists answer all of my calls live?

Yes! Each call that comes in is answered by one of our amazing receptionists, and your service includes a personalized greeting of your choice!

Can I record a custom message my callers can hear prior to calls being answered by the receptionists?

Certainly! You can personally record a greeting, or we’ll happily assist in recording one for you.

Can you transfer calls to me while I’m away from the office?

Absolutely! Our virtual receptionists can transfer calls to any phone number you wish, at any time you’d like.

How does the Advantage Team know if I am available to take calls?

You’re welcome to provide us with status updates at any time. Let us know if you’re going to be stepping into a meeting or heading out for an appointment, and we’ll update your call handling instructions in real time. Our receptionists can also note special instructions and return calls upon request.

What happens if I am unable to take calls?

If you’re unavailable to accept a call, our receptionists will offer to take a detailed, written message or connect the inbound caller to your Advantage Voicemail. For time-sensitive matters, we’ll reach you or your team according to your specific instructions.

How do I receive my messages?

You may choose to receive your messages via email, text message or phone
(or a combination of the three)! If you use an Advantage Voicemail, voicemail message will be sent directly to your inbox in the form of a .wav file. Alternatively, if you already have voicemail, we can leave the message there.

Is there a limit to how many people can receive messages?

Our capabilities are limitless! For a small fee, we can send messages to as many individuals or departments as needed.

I have more than one business—can they share an account?

Certainly! For a small fee, your businesses can bundle your receptionist minutes.

What are your rates?

Our live reception services start at $75 per month. Getting started with our 7-day free trial is easy! Upon completion, we’ll be in touch to discuss how things are going and help determine the most efficient and cost-effective plan moving forward. You’re welcome to change your plan at any time.

Is there a long-term contact?

Nope! All of our business call services operate on a month-to-month basis.

What happens if I go over the minutes in my plan?

Additional minutes are tallied and added to your monthly plan. You’re welcome to change your answering service plan at any time to better suit your needs.

Where is your team of virtual receptionists located?

We’re located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California—the happiest place in America!

What are your hours?

We’re here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Where are your clients located?

Throughout the United States and Canada. Pretty cool, eh?